Tuesday, June 22, 2010

little letters

dear contacts,
I think I was expecting a more exciting relevation when I (finally) put you on my eyeballs today. Trying for 10 minutes, then finally getting them in and having to ask the optometrist if they even had a prescription wasn't nearly as exciting as I imagined, but I'm still super glad to have you.

new Sammamish library,
true, your parking situation is less than ideal, but I think we could have a good relationship. I look forward to seeing more of you this summer.

dear yoga,
I'm dedicated to you this summer, for real this time. The time I've spent with you this week has been lovely. Let's make this a regular thing

my poor phone,
try to hold on just a little bit more. I'm loving your effort, but not your broken screen. please hold on until I decide on an order your replacement (an iphone, perhaps?)

to mom's 4runner,
ok, so I haven't had to drive you this week, but I have been. Sometimes I feel like a soccer mom, but most of the time I just love it. and today, with the window down, a costco berrie smoothie and the glee soundtrack, was a great welcome to summer. thanks for that.

Grandma B,
I'm not going to lie--this weekend wasn't very fun. It was emotionally and physically taxing. But it was good to have the whole family together and I'm glad I got to see you one last time. You sure are loved.

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