Friday, June 18, 2010

I could be a philosopher...

I had a revelation whilst studying for my political philosophy final at 5:30 this morning. maybe it was the 3.5 hours of sleep. or maybe it was an epihany.

who decides who is a "philosopher"? because after a term of studying modern philosophy, it seems like some people who had some ideas. some were crazy, some were important, but mostly they just said obscure things that may or may not have caught on. everyone has thoughts, so why are these ones worth studying? (and I think some aren't worth studying)

Marx said "freedom is the only thing"

that's all I have to do to be a philosopher? say some vague, kind of deep thing? psh, give me something hard to do.

"liberty is our ultimate motivation. democracy is the will of the individual against the need to conform" -m. treasure, circa 2010
(philosophers love struggle, inner conflict, and words like liberty, freedom and democracy)

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Devin said...

Michelle, my roommates and I loved this! You're now my new favorite philosopher.