Friday, June 11, 2010

things I'm loving lately...

The Hunger Games. I don't think I've been this into a book series since Harry Potter. All I want to do is read them, so I finished the first two books in five days. can't wait til the last one comes out in August. sooo good.

The Library. After avoiding it for most of spring term, I've braved the library for the past three days. and I love that no one is there during spring, so we have the run of it to ourselves

DC Cupcake Contest. cupcakes+DC=fabulous. People are just so talented.

Glee music. I think I've been singing songs from the finale for the past 3 days nonstop.

Being outside. Before it was cold today, I tried to spend as much time as possible outside and loved loved loved it. I'm so glad Utah is finally embracing spring and summer.

Walking across campus late at night after leaving the library, belting Lady Gaga and knowing I'm going home in less than a week. Wonderful.

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