Monday, March 15, 2010

first draft of history.

This weekend, I ventured to the Newseum. Yes, it was the most expensive attraction I've visited to in DC (even with a coupon--thanks, 3rd floor bulletin board), but it was definitley the coolest thing I've seen in DC.

Ok, so I'm a nerd. My ticket was good for Friday and Saturday and it was raining, but I could have spent all day both days. but I didn't. But the room with original front pages dating back to the 1500s? Let's just say I spent a good hour of my Friday afternoon in that room alone.
The Newseum is a museum of the news (get it?), and just for that, it is a museum of all of history. journalism is the rough draft of history. But it's a museum of things I've lived through. Amazing.

It was powerful. The 9/11 exhibit made me cry, especially the documentary of reporters remembering what it was like to cover that terrible day.

The exhibit of Pulitizer Prize winning photographs was powerful and beautiful.

I was in awe at everything I saw. It made me feel alive and restored my hope in journalism.

I treated myself to a pack of newspapers with 63 of the biggest events from Pearl Harbor to Obama's inauguration. It's pretty much the best gift shop purchase I've ever made.

(Hall of front pages. Today's news from all 50 states and lots of countries. whose job is it to change the front pages everyday? probs an intern)
(Oh, ps it has a great location. on penn ave. with the best view. the site of the hotel where john wilkes booth stayed before killing lincoln. creepy, right?)(9/11 exhibit with front pages from around the world and the crumpled radio tower that was on to of the World Trade Center.)

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