Friday, March 19, 2010

highest court in the land...

This is the Supreme Court, home of our first briefing today. (I didn't take this picture today. that snow is long gone, thank goodness)I was really excited for the Supreme Court, apparently.

Is it appropriate to take jumping pictures outside the country's highest judicial body? Is it appropriate to do the Hoedown Throwdown on its steps?
I don't know, but we definitely did both. And we got applause from the tourists for our dancing, so score one for the Barlow gang.

Anyway, we had the great opportunity to hear from a Supreme Court law clerk and go on a tour of the Chamber (no cameras allowed), then hear from a judge at the DC Circuit Court (no cell phones or cameras allowed). Both were very interesting-- I definitely have a newfound appreciation for the judicial system.

In between we ate lunch in the Senate cafeteria and sat outside, enjoying the beautiful spring weather and resting our feet in the shade of the Capitol. oh, life is good.

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Stuart said...

Michelle that jump picture is ridiculously awesome!