Wednesday, March 10, 2010

picture catch up

here's what's been happening the last week or so. and i'll admit it, sometimes I steal pictures from mackenzie. so sue me. wait, don't. that's the opposite of what I want.

Remember the fashion show? Here's the models, working it after the runway show.Natalie and I found a souvenir shop and let ourselves look like tourists because these thug souvenirs were too good to pass up.Friday was girls night. Heels were a requirement. We went to a cute French restaurant in Georgetown and watched a chick flick on our huge new 58 inch flatscreen tvs. The boys and their "man night" barely even crashed our night. good work.Saturday morning was a St. Patricks Day parade in Old Town Alexandria. yes, it was only march 6, but we like to party.
It was the perfect spring day, we had front row spots, and there were at least 6 bagpipe bands. what more could you ask for? how about looking around the cute shops and houses and sitting on the dock on the waterfront? done. and perfect.Sunday was another perfect weather day, so Adrienne, Rebekah and I took a twilight walk past the Lincoln, through the FDR, around the tidal basin, and on to the Jefferson Memorial. It was the perfect time of night in one of my favorite parts of the city.

i love dc. so much.

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