Tuesday, March 2, 2010

make it work...

What do 35 young, LDS students do to entertain ourselves on cold, dark nights at the Barlow Center?
dance parties, sing alongs, card games, Olympics, movies, baking, laughing, etc.

But this weekend we may have crossed into a new realm of entertainment, with the first ever (we're pretty sure) Barlow Center Fashion Show.
We're all big fans of Project Runway (even the guys--viewing party every Thursday night), so our fun catwalk evolved from finding the most ridiculous outfits to strutting our stuff to being judged by the panel (Tim Gunn, Valentino, Jimmy Chu) under the careful watch of a (pregnant, or course) Heidi Klum.
I'm glad my 80-year-old grandma does winter outfit gave me scores that were good enough to skate by without being in the top or bottom 3.
and yes, the night ended with someone being "aufederseined".

love love love the Barlow crowd.
(the top 3 explain their outfits to Tim Gunn as Heidi Klum looks on. Gabel's edgy style ended up winning the challenge.)

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