Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the weekend that was...

Saturday: Up way too early, but morning was beautiful. We metro-ed to nearly the end of the line, then took a bus, then walked to a food warehouse. We scooped pinto beans into 1 pound sacks, and were so crazy efficient they had to tell us to slow down. service = fun. so does waiting forever for the bus.

After a beautiful nap in the park, it was a sunset walk around the monuments, including the Washington, which I touched for the first time this trip.

Sunday: Stake Conference, broadcast from SLC. Our stake center is right next to the temple, so we ran over for a quick picture before the kind souls in our ward gave us rides back to the metro station, so 7th grade.

We quickly changed and ate, then headed down Penn Ave, past the anti-war protest at the White House and into the immigration rally on the Mall. I read later they think 200,000 people were there. It was crazy, and a herd of white kids in pastels def stood out. si se puede!Then came the main event, the health care protest. We pushed our way to the middle, then got ourselves on Fox News. yeah, we're hardcore. There were some crazies around us, but we totally got caught up in the chanting and emotion. At one point, a bunch of congresspeople came out on a balcony of the Capitol and waved at us, very much like that scene in Newsies when they look out the window at the singing people. we left when people starting reciting scripture and praying together--that was a little weird.
I have my thoughts on healthcare, and I've heard a lot recently about stuff that happened at that protest, but I never saw anything like what they're saying happened. All I saw was a bunch of passionate people with a cause.
Here's a taste of what it was like:

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