Wednesday, December 29, 2010

it's been real, 2010

2010 was the best. ever.

want proof? ok. (sorry if this is a little cryptic. but at least I included lots of never-before blogged pictures)

January 1 brought a cross-country flight for the adventure of a lifetime. It was living the life of an intern, having State of the Union viewing parties, riding the metro and crashing the sample table at Trader Joes. It was snow and photo shoots and an impromptu trip to New York. It was Congressmen visits and midnight runs to Kramers and the beginnings of the BC/DC fam and the hoedown throwdown.
February brought snow-mageddon and Valley Forge and my birthday. We looked at historically inaccurate huts and whitewashing. It was a group trip to New York where we rocked a Times Square billboard and froze in Brooklyn. It was Olympics viewing nights and crazy tour guides.

March brought springtime and tourists and happiness. It was long walks through the district, protests and getting on Fox News. It was the Supreme Court and feeling like a "local". It was Barlow fashion shows and visiting art galleries.
April was bittersweet. It brought "goodbyes" and "let's never forget this", Easter, a Canadian-themed prom and cherry blossoms. It brought getting moshed at Georgetown concerts and late nights reminiscing and writing papers and it brought home. It was taking care of my dying Grandma and learning I can do hard things. It was going back to Provo and transitioning back to a normal student.
May was the flava felons and frozen yogurt extravaganza. It was old friends and new friends, outdoor adventures and loving springtime. It was when I tried crafting, running, and avoiding bird poop.
June meant it was finally summer. It was Hunger Games and jeep rides and exploring new places. It was back home for real, tough but great family time and a lot of rest.
July started out saying goodbye to Grandma, which was made better with lots of family time. It was summer camp and cousin weddings and sisters in town and nights at mom's garden. It was weekend expeditions and welcoming missionaries home.
August was full of small children and weekend adventures. It was goal setting, mountain hiking and bike trips. It was back to school, back to work and moving into a new apartment. It was new roommates and the start of my senior year.
September was transitioning to a Mac, getting used to school, football and going to the fair. It was loving life and getting ready for graduation. It was the most beautiful autumn and enjoying warm days outside.
October was being festive, returning to my beloved DC to win some big PR awards. It was a parents visit for General Conference. It was balancing school and fun, old friends and new, and just being happy. It was a missionary invasion at the temple, old roommate Sundays, and walks around Provo. It was murder mysteries and costume bowling.
November was busy. It was covering election day and being in over my head, but loving politics. It was a boyfriend. It was a balancing act and late nights. It was a new state and meeting the family and long road trips. It was an abandoned airport and gaining driving confidence.
December was dominated by my capstone class, wrapping things up and feeling slightly overwhelmed. It was the end and the beginning and making plans for the future. It was Mo-Tab, Christmas festivities and a southern vacation.

Thanks for the emotions, excitement and thrills, 2010. It certainly was a year to remember, and a fabulous one at that. Here's to an even greater 2011.


Justine said...

Mich--SO cute!!!!!!! See you soon:))

kylie said...

i love this post.

Anonymous said...

Such a good post.